Return of the Living Dead Brains Tarman Vinyl Decal

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Item Code: #21001 Inverted Image Item Code: #21001.5

This item has an inverted image available for applying to darker surfaces (like a tinted window) that you may select in the color options.

Adhesive vinyl decal featuring the image shown. Great for a bumper sticker or car window! You can have it any color and a variety of sizes are available when you check out. Sizes are approximates. The background is CLEAR!

Please leave your color choice in the notes. Colors available are:  white, black, red, blue, green, teal, orange, yellow, purple or dark pink. If no color choice is made, black will be sent.

YES! I can do additional/bulk quantities and any size you need! Just send me a message for a custom order!

How to Apply:

-Clean the surface.
-Don't fully peel off the front clear piece, but lift it enough to make sure the decal is stuck on the CLEAR side. (Lift one side at a time just to check.)
If it's not, just rub it with your fingers to make sure it sticks to the clear side.
-DON'T peel off the backing yet and line up the decal the way you would like.
-Use masking tape and tape the TOP side only once it's positioned.
-Now, fold the decal upwards with the masking tape working like a door hinge.
-Then peel off the backing while still holding the decal away from the surface you are applying it onto.
-Once the backing is off, slowly slide down the decal back into the position it was in, starting from the top.
-Don't let the whole thing stick at once, slowly start from the top to the bottom.
-Once it's on, use an item like a credit card to scrape the front of the decal to make sure it stays on and to get any air bubbles out.
-Then slowly peel off the clear front tape.
-If you get any air bubbles, it'll go away by itself in about 3-4 weeks.