H.H. Holmes Vinyl Decal

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Adhesive vinyl decal featuring the image shown. Great for a bumper sticker or car window! The background is CLEAR!

Please leave your color choice in the notes. Colors available are white and black. If no color choice is made, black will be sent.

YES! I can do additional/bulk quantities and any size you need! Just send me a message for a custom order!

How to Apply:

-Clean the surface.
-Don't fully peel off the front clear piece, but lift it enough to make sure the decal is stuck on the CLEAR side. (Lift one side at a time just to check.)
If it's not, just rub it with your fingers to make sure it sticks to the clear side.
-DON'T peel off the backing yet and line up the decal the way you would like.
-Use masking tape and tape the TOP side only once it's positioned.
-Now, fold the decal upwards with the masking tape working like a door hinge.
-Then peel off the backing while still holding the decal away from the surface you are applying it onto.
-Once the backing is off, slowly slide down the decal back into the position it was in, starting from the top.
-Don't let the whole thing stick at once, slowly start from the top to the bottom.
-Once it's on, use an item like a credit card to scrape the front of the decal to make sure it stays on and to get any air bubbles out.
-Then slowly peel off the clear front tape.
-If you get any air bubbles, it'll go away by itself in about 3-4 weeks.